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Hey! I’m Everhardt (Ev).

‘I SEO (Optimise) your things! (web page)…..

About 180,000,000 results (0.50 seconds)

for the ‘query’ above

Many claim to provide the industry’s first and only SEO solution that gives marketers real-time research, recommendations, and rankings.

Google will give you these things – I set those tools up – for you.

Create an Immersive Experience for your visitor


I don’t do ‘FREE’


If this isn’t some thinly veiled consult then I won’t charge.

Digital Marketing that works – with data to prove it – etc – we can talk about what you want – what you need.

10 + 15 =

Searchers Are Somewhere Along the Customer Journey – Engage Them Where They Are

Discover how the Search Labs (SearchNomicon) reveals:

  • the query behind the impression to your page
  • allows you to track the impression that resulted in a click
  • track the click that then resulted in the searcher taking action on your page

SearchLabs can then help expose competitors for each product or service you offer, Together we will prioritse our efforts by forecasting the potential traffic our actions can create, Search Labs will guide content creation and optimisation, and will show you how to monitor content performance at fine grained granularity.


Discover the search queries used by potential customers. Use this information and optimise your site before your competitors do.


Create a content experience that delights and informs your client.  Inquisitive discovery  guides them to the next step on their journey


When you decide to put some cash into advertising, spend it wisely on those that have shown an interest already. Always spend wisely


People search differently on a mobile device – asking a question rather than making a statement. Review the way in which this is done.


Meet Everhardt

I have a global digital marketing view, my marketing experience started in New Zealand and moved into Australia in the mid 2000’s. I started in the debt collection space, with human behaviour analysis and debt avoidance, then pivoted into Australian Privacy Policy analysis and for one of Australia’s largest energy retailers.
With a friend, we founded Search Labs in 2017.

Now I help small companies to learn about the digital landscape.

I try to create a bespoke solution that teaches you to not need me!


Tag Manager

Data Studio


Site Kit

Search Console


Find the tools that move you

The more you know, the less reliant you can be on me

SEO means Organising your data, Making it universally accessible to Google and
Making it useful to your customers!

That’s all a search engine wants!

Whether you write your own content or get a ‘Pro’ into the mix, SEO aims to make that content appear when a person needs it.
I help you to solve the biggest problem.

Are you the answer to a question?

Do you serve a purpose?
What is that purpose?
Can we show Google that you are the ‘better answer’?


What do people want?

Let’s connect you to their want or need.

One of the ways that Google tries to confirm its interpretation, is to see if people stay or leave when they land on your page.

We can help make content that entices people to stay and confirm what Google believes.


That is SEO? in a nutshell!
Digital marketing with no ‘cost per click

At SearchLabs.com we break SEO down into basic building blocks (like Duplo)

We explain exactly how to assemble your pages for success.

Get our proven processes that can work for you!

Give search engine crawlers enough information so that Rank-Brain (Google’s ranking engine) understands it. So that Rank-Brain can stack your page as one of the top answers.

Create information that delights

  1. Get the info from the source – Google is the source of Truth, if you own your data and then let an agency use it (you can still reference the source of truth) – then the likelihood of them fleecing you is greatly reduced.
  2. Don’t let an agency own your data – When you part ways, don’t part without your data – we often need to rebuild a clients tracking platforms.
  3. The 6 systems below cater to these issues. Even if we don’t work together in the long run, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get these set up!
  4. If an SEO company doesn’t know what these are, or doesn’t want to use them (With GA and GTM there are alternative processes that can provide the same data – but they are not free) then you shouldn’t trust that agency – It’s like a baker not knowing what dough is – or one that refuses to use dough.

Amazing SEO is not magic

It is Cause and Effect

SearchLabs.com can show you how to implement the 80/20 rule.
How to work on what matters

Data Driven Marketing is Smart Marketing

What is a ‘conversion’?

An ‘impression‘ is every time your site is presented to a searcher.
A ‘click‘ is every time someone responds to that impression.


Use Google tools to learn exactly what they want and give that too them!

Use these tools to figure out:

  • Which keywords I show up for.
  • Which keywords people click on to get into my site.
  • Which keywords turn into conversions.
  • How do I see this data?

SO… WHAT IS SEO? (not just from a digital marketing agency perspective)
SEO is making sure you are found when people look for you – or someone like you, or your competition. (from your perspective)
It is turning that traffic into cash – people that want what you have – will pay when they find it.
SEO – Is optimising your site, it’s structure, it’s content, it’s income –
so that a search engine can read it and understand it
so that 
it can recommend your site to someone that is looking for you – or your products or services.

SEO is content marketing done right! 

It's a numbers game - how many visitors do you need - to get a conversion - from your digital marketing?

2 + 8 =

What People Are Saying About Search Labs

People say good things about us as AN AGENCY!

“Jake and Ev, went above and beyond their scope. They identified the causes of the issues we were having and provided clear guidance and assistance to remedy the problem. They took a very practical approach considering both our time and budget. It was a pleasure to work with them and I am very grateful for their guidance in avoiding what could have been a minor disaster.”

Vick Pillay

MD & Co-Founder, MindTribes Pty Ltd

Jake and Ev have a really good handle on SEO and I would highly recommend working with them for support in optimising and improving your presence in search engines.

Steve de Niese

Founding Director, Assemblo

We hired Search Labs to do an SEO audit, a keyword analysis, and some general consulting for us.

After implementing their recommendations, our search volume and traffic quickly more than doubled, and it has continued to surge upward pretty consistently over the past six months. I think our lowest day now is higher than the best day we’d ever had before hiring them.

On top of being professionals who really know what they are doing, they’re great people to work with. You can tell that they have a real passion for solving SEO puzzles, and it shows in their results.

If you can work with people who will do an awesome job AND really enjoy giving your business a boost, why would you hire anyone else?

Adam Weiss

Founder/Head Video Producer, AppDemoVideos.com

Digital marketing FAQ.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all marketing that is aimed at an Internet Audience – meaning that your marketing is aimed at an audience coming from search engines, social media, YouTube or email – but excludes channels like print, tv or radio.

How does SEO fit in with digital marketing?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – is ‘organic search marketing’ meaning that you create content that serves as the solution to a problem, or the answer to a question. If done correctly it results in the lowest cost per conversion as the audience essentially finds what they are looking for. 

How can digital marketing help my business?

When you perform traditional marketing – your costing is determined by the number of eyes that see your ‘copy’ or, the number of ‘copies’ made. With digital, the costing is measured in much the same way, but the number of eyes is much greater. With adwords for instance, you are not charged per view, a charge is applied when someone responds to your advertisement. With SEO, the cost is in the analysis and implementation, Organic search has no charge per view or per click.

How does SEO work?

As a short answer (which will still be long) – SEO aims to assist you in serving the most relevant response to a question asked – and relevance is determined by the person asking. We help you (and we provide data to back up our recommendations) to craft a web result that is more relevant than your competitor. This does mean that the main aim is to inform – if you just want to sell, then you can pay for ads. That doesn’t mean you cant sell, it just means that the aim of the page is to serve a purpose. 

What determines search engine rankings?

We can debate and debate this one, but at the end of the day ‘the search engine’ does. In this case it’s Google that decides – what we do, is look at the top 100 spots and reverse engineer what seems to correlate to a ranking increase. We then create a strategyto increase your rankings.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is this awesome free platform that Google provides to anyone that has a website and wants to know what people are searching for to find them. Or more specifically, it allows Google to show you what it thinks ‘you are the answer for’.