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We get more visitors. More reach. More impact and More Sales!

Search Labs provides a Melbourne-based boutique digital marketing and SEO experience. I have worked for BIG KIDS – the enterprise heavy hitters – now we work with them.  We work as a partner company to create campaigns that drive organic traffic and delivers results that meet your goals and objectives. We follow the rules, but we don’t stay in the left lane. The internet is your Information-Autobahn. We don’t wear a black hat, but our hat ain’t always as white as the driven snow.


The digital marketing consultancy that Melbourne businesses prefer

We are not ‘just another’ digital marketing and SEO company though – we have the social proof to back our ‘game plan’. We don’t offer guarantees other than that your presence and digital visibility  and revenue will increase. How often do you ask yourself ‘why did I pay for this website, if no one can find me?’.

Track your website activity with Google Analytics , one of the most powerful tools in the world

Google Analytics, know what’s happening on your website! It’s SUMO level powerful, knowing what a potential customer is doing on your site. Are they heading south on the page? Google Analytics lets you track site visitors, goals, advertising cost, how your Google ads are performing in the search engine. Get Google Analytics today! It shows you if agencies are pulling their weight and allows for market research on your own web site.

Your website. Optimized with Google Search Console and an aggressive SEO agency

If you’re a webmaster, then you know the importance of a strong Google search engine ranking. Google Search Console is a free web service, not too dissimilar to Google Analytics, but they offer different types of information that helps you track your indexing status and optimize your visibility in Google search results. Google Search Console shows you which keyword is one of your relevant keywords and which ones need a hazmat suit for removal! Take advantage of this free service and build an effective strategy! If you are looking for info you can trust, this is from the source.

Your tag management partner

Google knows that managing website tags can be a hassle. That’s why they created Google Tag Manager. With GTM, you can finally enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tags are being carefully managed. This all-in-one package is free to use and includes a variety of helpful features. Get started – integrate a social media platform and watch your traffic volumes explode. Use tag manager to help you serve ads to an Australian audience for brick and mortar stores and use this commerce seo to sell your product – be smart with your marketing budget track your conversion rate, commit to making your site the source of truth.

Unlock the power of your data studio

Google Data Studio is free and easy to use. It’s made for you: marketers, designers, analysts, and anyone who need an answer and want to make smarter business decisions to increase the value of their visitor experience, want to make a winning SEO decision, or want to visualise their data. It visually shows how your information architecture hangs together. With Google Data Studio, you can create interactive dashboards and reports that will help you make better decisions for your business. This data is necessary to plan out any number of successful SEO campaigns and target the right audience – find the search terms and get better organic traffic.

Our Director of Organic Search (Everhardt Strauss). Has increased organic traffic and search engine rankings for an Australian enterprise company (Over 1M active customers in Australia) by over 100% Year-On-Year for the past 4 years.

Search Labs distinguishes itself as a SEO consultancy (Search Engine Optimization Consultancy) that combines strategy, research, and industry best practices – (we try to spot the black hat in the room) that allow you to tactically approach any given optimization opportunity that gets your brand or product in front of your target market.

We can show the science that supports our recommendations. If you are in Australian we can meet up online and have a chat, if you are in Melbourne,  possibly a coffee?

We aim to get a return on your investment, that works with your budget. Search Engines provide free traffic, and I am one of those SEO consultants that help you get a bigger slice of that pie – turn more of that free traffic into qualified traffic.

Finding the right digital marketing product or service


I have no idea who my competitors are. I have no idea which keywords they are ranking for. Do I need to rank for those keywords? What is my online visibility like? What is the aim of my website? Can you attribute a score to online visibility? What is the aim of my information architecture? How is it all done? This is a blank slate. We would rather not outsource your data. We aim to give you ownership of your brand, your site and you content and drive your visitors search experience with effective content marketing.


You know who your competitors are – and you know which keywords they are using to get traffic. You also want that traffic – this is where Search Engine Optimisation and Information Architecture cross paths – find the relevant keywords that trigger ranking factors in your content, use those words as an effective seo strategy to get more qualified organic traffic – and spend your PPC budget wisely on those that have already been exposed to your brand.

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What kind of SEO direction do you need?

It’s time to increase your earnings using correlation-based SEO.

Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your SEO efforts?

 We went there, and are back. Massive Corporations rely on our skilled team, time-tested digital marketing techniques to assist your business in being more visible online, achieving sustainable growth by ensuring that increased traffic and increased site health results in more revenue. 1 magic keyword pointed at 1 url can catch one qualified customer and make all the difference. We help you find that magic unicorn. We help create that contract, that relationship with your potential customer.

Do you want to boost your SEO ranking but aren't sure what to do or who to trust?

Increase organic traffic and conversions so you can build and scale your business – become a thought leader. It’s time to set up a strategy consultation with us. Discover how our correlation-driven SEO strategies and supplementary marketing services help you in reaching your customer. Part of the deal is a comprehensive SEO report that ties into data straight from Google. Search Labs is an SEO consulting company that relies on transparency and awesome reports.

SEO traffic is the most valuable traffic


Visitor’s full Intention

Let’s design a SEARCH LABS SEO game plan

Our all-encompassing approach to laying a solid basis for your Search Engine Optimisation campaign.
Your game plan for organic sustainable growth.

Search Engines Catagorise pages

Search Labs Helps Define

What You Are

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing organic / unpaid website traffic via our preferred Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck-Duck-Go, Yandex and others. The measurement excludes paid advertisements although we do roll direct traffic (following a direct link to the site) as part of the organic process is increasing direct traffic. Obtaining backlinks from relevant websites – which would increase that direct traffic, targeting keywords that would dry a PPC budget, optimizing the website and information architecture, content, speed, developing what you would expect from the best seo company or seo firm you can find as well as other factors that contribute to higher rankings for keywords that your potential customers search for, these all a part of the process.

How can SEO help me?

SEO is a tool in your and any marketing agencies toolbelt.  Search engine optimization is only one way to get more traffic from Melbourne, to your site. Google sees it as the reason to send traffic that wants to learn more about your product or service.

What SEO services do we offer?

We offer:

  • Done With You SEO

  • Done For You SEO

  • SEO Consulting

  • SEO for Re Marketing

  • SEO Market Research

  • SEO Reporting Data

What else can SEO do?

Since SEO is a traffic inflow, we can show you how to turn that traffic into meaningful information that helps with other aspects of your customer journey – your sales journey!

Done For You SEO

For this process, we embed someone within your team, we work with you, remotely, but we work as a member of your team. Someone that understands the why behind the how.
We are ‘on call’. We provide accurate, reliable, transparent reporting. You can verify the quality of the data provided. If it is bad we don’t spin it to look good, we just figure out where the experience  fell over.

Done With You SEO!

We walk through the steps you need to take, it is not the fastest, but at the end of it all, you understand why we need to do this! We send you content briefs that help generate backlinks (people link to your content). We help you to write incredible content that leads to more sales and does not rely on black hat stupidity – our recommendations are backed by correlation data.

Melbourne SEO Agency

You come to us with questions, and we walk you through the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’. Coaching you in what is happening in the SEO landscape. We reverse engineer customer experience taking into account both your presence in the entire market and working with you to tune your website to the greater audience in Australia. See our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.


Organic In Paid Out

Turn your traffic into something useful and meaningful – get the greatest return on your investment by learning more about your Australian audience and making effective use of retargeting at the lowest cost.

I am always happy to just chat shop. If it becomes a consult – I will let you know.

I NEED To Understand Your Site and Your Problem

We can install and show you how to use tools that link right into Google – Google will tell you what people are looking for when they find you online (awesome SEO report) – remember, high bounce rates for organic aren’t always bad. Use them as indicators, more so than metrics.

Once Someone Visits, Isn’t it cheaper to market to them?

With effective use of 3 free tools from Google, you can learn all about who they are, and what they want. This helps you to write the content that speaks to them. We help you pull that info out of the internet.

Our main game, is setting up a means for you to learn about your customer. Before they become your customer.

Predicting who your visitor is, based on the words they use, and the things they look for. Can really help you with creating the service or product that suits them to a tee.

Send Me A Quote! - It's a free quote.

What kind of SEO direction do you need?

It’s time to increase your earnings using correlation-based SEO.

Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your SEO efforts in Australia?

We went there, and are back. Now, Massive Corporations rely on our skilled staff and time-tested digital marketing techniques. We can assist your business in being more visible online and achieving sustainable growth by ensuring that increased traffic, results in more revenue.

We can also help implement some of the logic to optimise your Google Ad delivery.


Do you want to boost your SEO ranking but aren't sure what to do or who to trust?

We’ll help you increase organic traffic and conversions so that you can build and scale your business. Now is the time to set up a strategy consultation with us to discover how our correlation-driven SEO strategies and supplementary marketing services may assist you in reaching your goals.

If People Cant Find You It’s Because Google Can’t Define You.

It Doesn’t Know What You Do Or who you are

By focusing on SEO using Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we will uncover those organic search marketing opportunities that most agencies selectively neglect - this gives you a head start when you do feel like branching out into display advertising or marketing automation to reach more of your potential target audience and it's customers.

If you know what you need from us, then you are way ahead of the game.

Melbourne SEO – Site Health is Very Important

What we are looking at - in this crazy COVID-19 landscape?

More people online, People are much more critical of the sites they visit – people are more aware of a manipulative online marketing strategy. We reverse engineer those sites that are currently satisfying the searchers intent – we reverse engineer the strategies their agencies are using and in 3 months or less we will provide solid advice on how you can beat them.

Search Labs know how to Generate Real Traffic, Real Results, Real Conversations.

This scenario – people are home, they are spending a lot more time online, and overall, even though search volumes are up, demand for products are down. Native advertising is taking over, mainly because it tries to fill the gaps in traditional advertising – it puts more control in the searchers hands – the aim is to have you be the necessary solution to their problem. 

How do you deal with this? This new way of being. 

Well, it means you, and therefore we may need to pivot, and change things up a bit. Look at the old and compare it to now. We may need to look at a different way of engaging educated and critical searchers, combining audiences from organic and display advertising into base organic research.

Start showing up in Google search for the topics that they are looking for, we can help your content be relevant to that – we can help you become and authority in your space. Straight to the point, we can help surface your site for more things more often. What do your customers need to understand about you during this pandemic? Can you help them in some way even with all these restrictions in place, and if so – how do we tell them?

seo search agent trimming organic plant matter

We get it, being a small business owner, we understand that it’s tough right now and budget’s are tight but that (in a genuine way) doesn’t mean you should neglect SEO (Organic SEO).

Have a look at setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio – It is important to know exactly where you are in order to determine where you want to be.

We are a SEO agency that relies very heavily on transparent reporting and science based correlation recommendations. 

If People Cant Find You It’s Because Google Can’t Define You.

It Doesn’t Know What You Do Or who you are

Treat it like an e-commerce store

Every page is a step to help a searcher make a decision that leads towards a conversion.






Analyse that Data

Reverse engineer all your competitors to figure out what Google sees as ‘relevant’ – use this data to make your content stand out.

Optimise that content

Show Google exactly what you intend to do, make it extremely easy for them to recommend you!

Strategy and tactics

Our aim is to take a look at the bigger picture, and then step on those stones to the top of page 1


Optimise those pages

Fix any errors that are stopping the search engine from stacking your page fairly. 


SEO Consultation

Sometimes the hourly or daily rate just gets too expensive, and in these cases, we go down the consulting road.

Drop Us a Line

We would prefer to have a chat about your problems and see if we are able to help. Half the battle is finding someone that cares enough to fix the problems, and listen to the reasoning behind the solution. We would like to think that you are busy, and because of that we wont waste your time.

Experience You Can See from Marketing Professionals you can Trust (although we don't expect you to 'just' trust us), Results You Can See!

We work In The Most Competitive Industries Enterprise and Large Market Clients – they want a content marketing strategy that brings Results!

Work With Melbourne’s
Top SEO Expert
When it comes to SEO you don’t want to chance your site’s ranking to extremely cheap amateurs. Making this mistake can hurt your trust and authority with Google in the long run.
Over the years we’ve seen many companies waste time, money and resources on “cheap”  so called ‘SEO experts’, some from overseas, some local.
In almost every case this winds up costing the ecommerce site owner even more time and money to fix (sometimes known as a ‘learn burn’). Don’t let that be you! Contact us and we’ll be happy to speak to you about your goals and problems – we are more than happy to explain our digital market analytics process and our sustainable growth tactics, how we do our market research, and what you get with a quote. 

Services We Offer

We fit in like a bespoke suit, we are a digital marketing agency that wraps around your business and its genuine problems. We enjoy tailoring our strategies and solutions to offer every client the best possible help and economic outcome. At the moment COVID has switched the internet around a bit, but we love watching, learning and allowing our clients to pivot when needed – we act as a lever – we let you pivot where you want to pivot.

National and International SEO

We have, and still work as an SEO consultants to some of the most competitive companies, serving customers and clients in some of the most competitive industries. Including; energy retail, education, legal, health care, the food industry, commercial products, dental and other top niches

SEO and SEM Audits

We perform a detailed analysis of your site. Both the on page and off page performance is reviewed and compared to your competitors digital marketing strategy –  We score it in a way that’s easy to interpret – It giving us a target to reach and a competitor to overcome – everyone who plays this game plays it with the same goal in mind, increase your customer base, or more importantly increase your bottom line.

Search Engine Marketing and Re Targeting

We will generate the tracking platform for your site – aimed at targeting those that have been to your business – or are like those that have been there. We will install the necessary tools and implement a re targeting strategy on social media channels like Facebook to help you split your budget and spend dollars on an audience more likely to convert into sales or customers.

Work With the #1 Search Engine Optimisation Experts in Melbourne

We work In The Most Competitive Industries Enterprise and Large Market Clients – Want Results! Search Engines look at customer behaviour, and so do we!

We Understand That No Two Businesses Are Alike - Two Sites have completely unique information architecture problems to solve!

Even within the same vertical. We get our hands dirty and get into the nitty gritty.

We have shared our knowledge both on and off the Internet, educating small businesses on search engine optimisation, picking a PPC / display advertising budget, branding and organic digital marketing as a whole. We explain content marketing and how we can help brick and mortar, or e-commerce stores / service develop a sustainable growth strategy.


What Is Our Process

It all starts with a chat, We offer a FREE CHAT – just to test the waters, you can ask us questions, and if we can help, we listen and try to determine the digital marketing effort required, we will let you know what we can do to help you move up the ranks. If we reach what coders call ‘Flow’ then we offer our assistance. We discuss:

  • The current state of play – where are you at, and who are your customers.

  • how our flavor of search engine optimisation works.

  • How your information architecture helps or hinders the search engine.

  • What has and hasn’t worked.

  • Should social media marketing be part of your game plan?

  • What you have done to your site in the past.

  • What your goals are.

  • What has stood in the way.

  • How do we go through, over, under or around whatever the roadblock is.





Why Should You Hire Us As Your Experts?

  • As a digital marketing agency we currently serve some of Australia’s largest companies in the most competitive marketing industries.

  • A small speedboat that can change direction will always beat the Titanic.

  • Small speedboat logic still works for superyachts when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

  • We are more affordable and nimble and accessible than a large agency.

  • We source the best in the business when we need them. We don’t outsource though, we will bring that talent into our house.

SEO isn’t easy, it is a complex and dynamic marketing beast. It scares people because they just cant dedicate the time and effort to stay on top of it all, people see their revenue climb because they stick with it. WE CAN, and WE DO help you satisfy the search engines to get a better google rating.

Why Is SEO Important For Your e-commerce Site / Store?

E-Commerce is heavily reliant on image advertising (display advertising) – and is even more successful, and cheaper when those display ads are shown to a potential customer who has shown interest in your ‘product or service’

SEO acts as the entry point that allows people to trade, the trigger that allows that shopper to see your your site, and then your ads. Your traffic doesn’t necessarily increase, but your conversions do. SEO doesn’t cost out on a ‘per click’ basis, sure that is how you can value your return on investment, but you are not charges $x per click like you would be in PPC.

We believe that a potential customer needs approx. 7 digital touch points before they will convert across all digital marketing campaigns.  Our system allows for that – but keeps you in control.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Everything is an effort trade, cost vs time, white hat vs black hat vs grey hat, budget vs effort, data vs assumption, insight vs data, backlinks vs quality of content. Your revenue sets a budget, how much are you willing to commit, be that effort, or cash? 

It all depends, it depends on how much experience is required to determine the effort applied to the lever that ranks your current site, for a given query. It depends on how relevant your site is now – in relation to your competitors. It depends on your websites history, is it niched towards the current product or service.

Service costs vary from query to query. It all depends, everything is a trade, nothing is set in stone. But we don’t cost traffic on a per click metric. 

Sometimes the target term for a page is easy to rank for, but convincing you (the client) that there are things than need to change in order for conversions to happen is a mission unto itself – in this instance its a time VS effort transaction.

Sometimes the target keyword you want isn’t the one that aligns with your trade, or the thing that the customer wants. Sometimes the words used to get foot traffic into a brick and mortar property are completely different to the keywords you would want for a boutique homewares ecommerce store selling skin care or health products. 

Market analysis combined with deep research into the Australian search engine behavior is what creates winning content marketing opportunities. 

I wont give you an exact cost until I understand you, your industry, your ambitions, possibly even the backlink requirements, information architecture and business expectations better.

How does a Boutique SEO Agency help a business like yours?

Statistically speaking, SEO traffic, or Organic Search Traffic has the highest conversion rate of all traffic sources found in digital marketing.
See these facts below [1]

  • Businesses with a marketing strategy allocate on average 41% of their budget to SEO – (split across both Desktop and mobile devices)

  • 88% of customers will call or visit a store within 24-hours of making search from a mobile device

  • Updating existing content with fresh content can increase organic traffic volume by 111.3% – that is 113% increase in potential customers viewing your content – this is as white as a white hat can get.

  • 82% of people who implemented an SEO strategy found it to be effective

  • 70% of marketing clicks in Google search results go to organic, with 30% going to AdWords.

  • 97% of consumers research a company via the internet

  • this is a test, will mentioning the term black hat in our content lead Google down the wrong path?

Reference [link]

How Do I Know Your Are The Best?

I consider Search Labs the best specialist SEO ( search engine optimisation ) agency in Melbourne Australia, businesses like yours deserve someone who goes above and beyond, eats sleeps and repeats SEO. I don’t believe in some of these high-risk methods cheaper SEO’s use because I think this serves only the Search Engine (and in reality, it doesn’t even serve the search engine, it serves the agency until your payment clears, then they are off to Hobart or Sydney or the Gold Coast), and the risky strategy usually only serves a single device type, like the mobile device, even though the majority of your sales may happen on desktop. – The search engine wants to serve relevance, and relevance to a human, and that is not ‘fly by night’. The only reason these methods are used is because they may temporarily fool the systems that are set in place to ‘catch’ these methods (tie your tongue around that one) – they exist  purely to ‘churn and burn’ your site – I have nowhere to run, we will show you what we do, why we do it and we will show you how it is done. 

Given time, and volume and relevance to your customers, your content will out rank any fly by night website.

Melbourne SEO

We are located within public transport distance of the CBD, and mostly work from the CBD. We at times will work from the NAB Village in Docklands, as the recent COVID lockdowns showed us that office space is not something an agency needs. We are more than happy to conference call if required. We have clients well outside of Melbourne, even 1 or 2 in Sydney – and recently some overseas. But we like it here, we like it close to home, in and around Melbourne.

Does Search Labs do Link Building?

This is a point of contention. Link ‘building’ in pretty much any way – where we request a link is against Google’s very restrictive terms of service. So no, we don’t ask for links, and we don’t buy links – but we do help create content that is highly ‘link worthy’ – and we also find gaps in the internet where links are pointing – and we help get content into those places. So.. read that as you will, we ‘help in this space’ – we fill the gaps where backlinks can be useful to the searcher.

You Want To Start Today

Our SEO services will help to not only to increase the amount of traffic and potential customers to your site – but also increase the total digital marketing revenue to your site. As your e-commerce SEO experts we can say from experience that a typical site can drive in as much as 30% of new orders through search engine optimisation. It has historically been natural for sites to spend a lot of money on paid ads, comparison engines, and Google shopping. But these days, specifically in a post COVID-19 world, more and more people are home, just surfing the web organically. This is where SEO shines!

Engagements start with a 3 month agreement

Investing time and effort on improvements such as site structure and improving the user experience can make for better landing pages that in turn convert for both SEO and PPC.