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Let's uncover how we can enhance your website's performance with an SEO Site Audit. Your insights will help us identify the best path forward for you.

I try to keep these light, there are 7 or 8 questions to help me, help you.

The more information you are willing to share, the more I can help (hopefully).

1. Introduction:

Before we dive in, could you share what motivated you to explore SEO Site Audits today?

2: Deep Dive in Challenges.

Now, we'd love to hear more about the specific challenges you're facing with your website. Could you describe any difficulties you've encountered in terms of your site's visibility, traffic, or performance?

3. Awareness and Understanding:

It's important for me to understand what you already know about SEO audits.

How familiar are you with the following aspects, and do any of them stand out as areas you're particularly concerned about? Please share your thoughts freely.


4. Priorities and Preferences:

Considering what we've discussed, could you rank what you believe to be the most pressing areas for improvement on your website? What are you most eager to enhance or resolve?

5. Desired Outcomes:

Let's envision success together. If the identified issues were addressed, what changes or outcomes would you most like to see? How would these improvements impact your business or personal goals?

6. Conclusion and Segmentation:

Based on our upcoming conversation, I will help guide you to the type of SEO Site Audit(s) that can best meet your needs and support your goals. Before we do that, is there anything else you think I should know about your website or your situation?

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What is an SEO Audit, and Why Do I Need One for My Website?

A good audit explains what weaknesses and strengths your site currently has, and why they are absolutely critical to monitor for your online success. It also often reveals common issues that are uncovered during the process, which could be hindering your site's performance without you even realizing it. I'm worried that without this knowledge, you may miss out on opportunities to enhance your online visibility and attract more traffic.

We really want to uncover answers to the following 3 questions:
Can Google access all the information and pages on my site?

SEO Technical Audit

Improve Crawlability and Indexing

Our technical SEO audit finds technical issues that may hinder search engines when they attempt to completely crawl and index the content on your website. This includes, but in no way is limited to problems like broken links, robots.txt blocking, redirect loops and sitemap errors. By identifying and fixing these errors, you assist search engines so that they can access and understand (categorise) your website, making it more likely to appear in search results.

Enhanced User Experience

Our technical SEO audits focus on factors that create or hinder a positive user experience. This includes things like a fast loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and a clear, logical website structure. Search engines prioritize webpages that offer a good user experience (Google mentions this constantly) and a technically sound website is more likely to keep users engaged and reduce overall bounce rates, which can positively impact your ranking.

Stronger On-Page Optimization

Even though On-Page optimization is its own beast, and not directly part of a technical SEO audit, a comprehensive analysis can reveal areas for improvement in on-page SEO. This might include missing meta descriptions, improper title tag usage, multiple H1's etc, or a lack of internal linking. Addressing these issues can improve the relevance and clarity of your website's content for search engines, boosting your ranking potential.

Better Mobile Optimization

If you have GSC set up, you will see that most  searches now happen on a mobile device. Ergo a mobile-friendly website is crucial. A technical SEO audit will identify any mobile usability issues like unresponsive design or slow loading times on mobile devices. Addressing these issues ensures your website delivers a great experience for mobile users, which is (or seems to be) a significant ranking factor for Google.

Authority and Trustworthiness Signals

Technical SEO audits can help identify and fix security issues like broken SSL certificates. A secure website demonstrates trustworthiness to search engines and users alike. Additionally, a logical and well-structured website with clear navigation and high-quality content can indirectly signal authority to search engines, potentially improving your ranking.

Overall Website Health

By identifying and fixing technical SEO issues, you create a website that is healthy and functions as designed. Search engines use various algorithms to assess website health, and a technically sound website is generally considered more favorable, potentially giving you a ranking boost.
Remember, a technical SEO audit is just one piece of the puzzle for achieving high rankings in SERPs. Content quality, relevance, and backlink profile are still critical factors. However, a technical SEO audit provides a strong foundation for search engine optimization by ensuring your website is technically sound and user-friendly, setting the stage for long-term SEO success.
Is your content optimized to provide the correct answer to the questions searchers are asking?

On-Page Content Audit

Improved Content Relevance and Clarity

Our On-Page audit identifies areas where your content might not be well-aligned with user search intent or relevant keywords. It can help you optimize titles, meta descriptions, and headings to better reflect the content's theme and target specific keywords. This improves the chances of your website appearing in searches related to those keywords.

Enhanced User Engagement

Our audit analyzes factors that affect user experience, such as content structure, readability, and internal linking. It can reveal opportunities to improve the flow of information, break up large text blocks with visuals, and ensure clear calls to action. Engaging content keeps users on your website for longer, which is a positive signal for search engines.

Stronger On-Page Optimization

The audit goes beyond keywords to identify missing elements crucial for on-page SEO. This might include internal linking inconsistencies, improper image optimization with missing alt tags, or a lack of schema markup for rich snippets. Addressing these issues helps search engines understand your content better and potentially improves organic click-through rates (CTR).

Content Quality Evaluation

While not a strict SEO factor, the audit can reveal areas where content might be outdated, thin (lacking depth), or lacking value compared to competitors. This allows you to prioritize content updates, add fresh information, and ensure your content is truly informative and valuable to users. High-quality content can indirectly improve rankings by attracting backlinks and encouraging user engagement.

Identification of Content Gaps

An audit can reveal missing content opportunities based on your target audience and industry. This might involve identifying relevant topics users are searching for but your website doesn't address. By creating content to fill these gaps, you expand your website's coverage of relevant themes and attract potential customers searching for specific information.

Overall Content Strategy

The audit findings can guide the development of a comprehensive content strategy. It helps you prioritize content updates, identify opportunities for new content creation, and ensure your content aligns with your overall SEO goals. A well-defined content strategy keeps your website fresh, relevant, and user-friendly, all factors contributing to higher search engine rankings.
Remember, on-page content optimization is an ongoing process. A regular SEO On-Page Content Audit allows you to stay ahead of the curve, continuously improve your content's relevance and user experience, and ultimately climb the SERP ladder for your target keywords.
What kind of back-links are we up against? (How hard do we need to fight in order to win)

Off-Page SEO Audit

Backlink Profile Analysis

A core aspect of off-page SEO, backlinks are links from other websites pointing to yours. An audit analyzes your backlink profile, identifying the number, quality, and source of these backlinks. It can reveal broken links, low-quality backlinks from spammy websites, and opportunities to acquire high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites. A strong backlink profile is a crucial trust signal for search engines, and the audit helps you identify areas for improvement.

Brand Mentions and Online Reputation

The audit goes beyond backlinks to assess your brand mentions and online reputation. This includes analyzing online reviews, social media mentions, and news articles mentioning your brand. A positive online reputation with credible mentions can indirectly boost your search engine ranking, as search engines consider a well-regarded brand more trustworthy. We may not be able to make you look good, but we will try to find all the places that are making you look bad.

Competitive Link Building Strategies

The audit analyzes your competitors' backlink profiles to identify websites linking to them but not yours. This helps you develop targeted link-building strategies aimed at acquiring backlinks from high-quality sources your competitors have already tapped into.

Social Media Presence

While not a direct ranking factor, social media plays a role in SEO. The audit can assess your social media presence, identifying opportunities to increase engagement and brand awareness. A strong social media presence can drive more traffic to your website, which can indirectly improve search engine ranking.

Disavowing Spammy Backlinks

The audit can identify low-quality or spammy backlinks that could potentially harm your website's ranking. It can guide you on how to disavow these links with Google, ensuring your backlink profile remains clean and trustworthy.

Overall Off-Page SEO Strategy

The audit findings can help you develop a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy. This strategy might involve guest blogging on relevant websites, engaging in online communities, and building relationships with industry influencers to acquire high-quality backlinks and improve your online reputation.
Remember, off-page SEO is a long-term game. An SEO Off-Page Audit provides valuable insights to build a strong backlink profile, enhance your online reputation, and develop a targeted link-building strategy. These efforts, combined with high-quality content and a solid on-page foundation, contribute significantly to climbing the SERP ladder and achieving lasting organic search success.
discovery google algorithm flat icon image

The first ones job is to find new content, and an audit makes sure that the content is 'findable' and that the terms in the links pointing to that content help the engine to categorize and catalogue the content on that new page.

crawl google algorithm flaticon image

be able to read the content and then use the words and image on each page to place this content in its massive index somewhere - this one is the second step in the 'put this content online' process. 

index google algorithm flaticon image

content that it has parsed through its many calculations and it then indexes the content. This one is both complex to understand and very simple once you get over the initial hump.

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