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People say Google Ranking Correlation SEO Studies are Unreliable – How is measuring correlation unreliable

Correlation is not Causation. But Correlation SEO is what all SEO tools use to determine relevance. 

In order to rank on the first page of Google, you need to be relevant. Understanding correlation is key to achieving higher rankings — yet no SEO tool utilizes a full suite of correlating factors in their calculations as only Google knows what all their factors are – understand that Google often changes the weighting of factors as well as the stacking order that its algorithms use to interpret the content on a given page.

A good SEO, with years of experience across a broad range of ranking problems can see correlations. This is what humans are good at, it is what has helped us evolve to where we are, we see correlations and patterns. A good SEO uses software to tease out those factors, and we then view that data and show the correlations with an increase or decrease in rankings.


How can Digital Marketers use SEO ranking factors correlations?

Accurate and timely, strongly correlated factors are the only provable solution for better rankings and higher relevance.

Strong correlations allows you to know which factors are important and weighted towards achieving a higher ranking, and which factors are not — giving you a competitive advantage over your competitors who are still using traditional old school tactics and SEO tools which pay no attention to correlation. This is a game of dynamic challenges, I once presented to a group and realized during that demonstration that the biggest challenge for any SEO is letting go of something that once was true, but no longer is.

With Search Labs and our demonstrable correlation SEO, all of your keywords, links, and pages are analyzed by an artificial intelligence algorithms, and human eyes that detect all correlations, across all known factors, and we recommend changes based on what we see.

Correlation SEO can be a minefiled of pitfalls, but if you look at the data and leave ego out of the mix you can learn a lot about your niche, or more specifically what is seen as the solution tot he problem faced by those in your niche.

BackLinko did a study and made an interesting discovery through the analysis of the data. We found that pages with the highest number of total backlinks tended to rank best in Google. We also found that the #1 results has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than other page ranking between #2 and #10.

The thing is, if done correctly, every query run for every page, can be a correlation study -They aren’t free, they cost credits in different API’s but the data they provide can change the way you view the web and the way you view your site and its content as a factor that is the solution to a problem.

Is Privacy a correlating factor? What about user experience?

How would you measure those? How is privacy measured? is it respect for your privacy, does a site harvest your information? Or is the mere existence of a privacy policy enough? With user experience, Google claims that CWV (Core Web Vitals) are a factor in ranking. Are they? 

What does Rand Fishken have to say about correlation SEO?

Today I’m going to make a crazy claim–that in modern SEO, there are times, situations, and types of analyses where correlation is actually MORE interesting and useful than causality.” Correlation SEO is far more exciting and interesting than causation monitoring, because it is from Correlation that we can draw hints to the triggers that are aligned with causation. Everything in SEO is ‘it depends’ and the things that ‘depend’ need to pass that first gate of correlation, otherwise they don’t and if they don’t then there is no way that they can be remotely associated with causation.

The SEO specialist’s goal is to raise the statistical possibility that a website or landing page will continue to rise in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).

That is because there are thousands of complicating elements that might affect a website’s ranking for a certain term. The SEO specialist’s role is to raise the statistical possibility that a website or landing page will continue to climb the SERPs (SERP). This implies that while we cannot guarantee a top result for every desired keyword, we can take a holistic strategy, applying SEO tactics that increase the likelihood of a better rating by finding the factors that are most strongly correlated with an increase in ranking.

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What kind of SEO direction do you need?

It’s time to increase your earnings using correlation-based SEO.

Correlation is the digital currency that search engines speak. User experience is what the user wants, entities, edges and nodes are what the search engine needs.

You’re probably aware that search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a digital marketing approach that may help your company’s website rank higher on search engines such as Google. You can help your web pages rank better on Search Engine Results Pages by strategically placing the proper keywords in your content (SERPs).

While increasing organic traffic to your website is beneficial, the ultimate goal is to increase conversion rates and sales.

An SEO sales plan is all about directing your SEO efforts towards increasing leads and sales. It’s an inbound marketing method that allows you to target potential consumers and searchers who are looking for the precise items or services your company provides. Let’s take a closer look to discover how it works.

Content marketing that provides a way for the search engine to map a query to its solution is what helps you earn more visitors.

A smart SEO approach will assist you in increasing your conversion rate and sales. Today’s brands require a well-thought-out SEO strategy to extend across many platforms, find customers, and streamline the sales process.
By targeting the terms that your audience is looking for, search engine keyword research can help you achieve higher conversion rates. You establish a prospective customer base and enhance conversion rates by bringing more of the correct visitors to your website.
You will not see immediate results from SEO, but you will see them over time. With the help of a good SEO approach, a well-optimized site can hold its place for years to come.

SEO traffic is the most valuable traffic


Visitor’s full attention

Can observational SEO studies show causation?

While observational studies cannot show causation, they have been shown to be useful in the study of association (correlation).

Observational studies can’t prove that one factor causes another, but they can provide evidence of an association – the stronger the evidence the better. Observational studies can’t answer questions about cause and effect, but they are more likely to provide true findings than assumptions about what works in SEO.

Is there a strategy to Correlation SEO?

The correlation of SEO to ranking is difficult to determine, but if the pool of data is large enough and a verifiable method is used, then sure strong correlation can be separated from weak correlation.

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing so it’s hard to know what will have an impact on ranking in the future. When combined with what the search engine has advised is it’s long term goal -then you can implement what the engine has already said is aligned with its strategy.

What we are looking at - in this crazy COVID-19 landscape?

More people online, People are much more critical of the sites they visit – people are more aware of a manipulative online marketing strategy. We reverse engineer those sites that are currently satisfying the searchers intent – we reverse engineer the strategies their agencies are using and in 3 months or less we will provide solid advice on how you can beat them.

Treat it like an e-commerce store

Every page is a step to help a searcher make a decision that leads towards a conversion.






Analyse that Data

Reverse engineer all your competitors to figure out what Google sees as ‘relevant’ – use this data to make your content stand out.

Optimise that content

Show Google exactly what you intend to do, make it extremely easy for them to recommend you!

Strategy and tactics

Our aim is to take a look at the bigger picture, and then step on those stones to the top of page 1


Optimise those pages

Fix any errors that are stopping the search engine from stacking your page fairly. 


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