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What are entities?

In the context of search engines, entities are objects (generally nouns) or concepts with a distinct and well-defined meaning. People, places, organizations, products, events, and concepts are all examples of entities.

Entities are important to search engines like Google because they help in the better understanding of the context and meaning of web pages and other digital content. Search engines can better match user queries with relevant results by identifying and categorizing entities within content. Of interest is the scoring system that Google provides indicating it's 'understanding' of the relevance of the entity, this score indicates whether or not 'Google gets it' - this score is their salience score.

(The Salience score of the Google Natural Language Processing (NLP) API is a value assigned to entities in a given text based on their relevance and importance within the context of the document. It assesses how important an entity is to the overall meaning of the text, with higher scores indicating greater significance. Machine learning algorithms analyze the syntax and semantics of the text to identify and extract entities such as people, places, and organizations and assign them a salience score. The salience score has many applications, including content analysis, sentiment analysis, and search engine optimization.)

Using relevant entities in your page's content can help improve its search engine visibility and ranking. Search engines will crawl your website and analyze the entities mentioned on your page to determine the relevance and authority of your content. You can improve the relevance of your content and help search engines understand what your page is about by including relevant entities in it.

However, it is critical to use entities in a natural and relevant manner, and to avoid "keyword stuffing" or other manipulative tactics that may be perceived as spammy or manipulative. Your content should be written for humans, not just search engines, and should be valuable and useful to your target audience. You can help to improve your website's search engine visibility and attract more traffic by creating high-quality content that includes relevant entities in a natural and authentic way.
Let's talk about entities

What is the difference between an Entity and a LSI word?

There is a distinction between an entity and a LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) word in terms of SEO. Here's a quick rundown of each:

Entity: An entity is a distinct object, person, place, concept, or event with a well-defined meaning. Entities are important in SEO because they aid search engines in understanding the context and meaning of web pages and other digital content. Search engines can better match user queries with relevant results by identifying and categorising entities within content.

LSI word: LSI words are related keywords or phrases that are semantically related to the page's or article's main keyword. For example, if a page's primary keyword is "dog training," LSI words could include "obedience," "behavior," or "commands." LSI words are important in SEO because they help search engines better understand a page's topic and content, and they can help improve its relevance and ranking for related search queries.

While entities and LSI words have some similarities, they are not the same thing. Entities are specific objects or concepts, whereas LSI words are terms or phrases that are related. Entities and LSI words are both important for SEO and should be used naturally and relevantly within content to improve search engine visibility and relevance.

Entities are SUPER LSI's

If we were to be doing a correlation based exercise to identify the words that move the needle, then entities are the 20% in a Pareto chart that are doing 80% of the heavy lifting.
Entities are the key

Does Google even care about entities?

Google indexes websites, and the use of entities seem to heavily influence this process. Google improved search by classifying ideas as "entities." People, places, products, companies, and abstract concepts are also entities - but the concept of a 'concept' being a thing really changed the game.

This really means that a 'topic' can hold or be the parent of related things. 

Entities improve context and relevance, which search engines value more than trillions of combinations of keywords. They help search engines identify the entity a user is looking for by providing more information. "Apple" could bring up pages about the fruit or the company. Search engines now value entities over keywords, for improving relevance and precision - a solution is a thing, even if that thing is a topic, or idea.

Entity-based SEO improves SERP rankings. 

Entities improve discoverability and add many keyword combinations into the index. Establishing your business as an entity lets you connect your content to high E-A-T knowledge graphs like Wikipedia or LinkedIn, improving your page authority in search. More valuably entity-based SEO allows you to unify your products and services as solutions, attracting new customers. At times allowing the search engine to present your solution to searchers that don't even know they have a problem.

Entity-based SEO requires bringing offline brand presence online to create a distinct brand identity. 

Entity-based SEO is a new optimisation strategy that can help your brand communicate its context and relevance online. 

How do competitors come into the entitiy game

We don't need to look at keywords when we deep dive into the entity game. If we take all the top players in the luxury car market for instance. We can run their sites through a NLP (natural Language Processor) and extract all the entities known to us, or to Wikipedia, or really any of the 'recognition platforms'. The problem many run into when doing entity farming, is that they forget that a tool that recognizes things, doesn't necessarily recognize relevant things. This is where the market leaders come into play, specifically, if there are more than say, 4 or 5. Then you can look at what the search engine has already identified as the dominant website in that niche, and then wash all their entities against each other - are there common entities? If there are, these are a hint as to what the search engine sees as the physical things, or concepts that are used to identify that solution. If the top sites are use entities like 'Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche, McLaren, Convertible, Electric, Supercar, V2, Gull-wing' then we know, that these are all entities associated with 'luxury sports cars' these are all things spoken about in the ranking pages.
Do your entities match the SERP entities?
How does the entity source define you?
Which entities are your competitors rocking?
Which entities matter more?
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