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We only help to rank you for ‘what you are’

Find out which keywords are serving your competition

Provide some details and we will find what your competitors rank for, which terms bring them traffic to their site, and which pages drive their business – then we will do the same for you.

 Search Labs tracks the behaviour of your Website and visitors – then
Teaches you what to change, so that you perform

Keyword Research

This is where it starts – the searcher has a want or a need, if you can satisfy that – then you win. We find the volumes associated with the problem they are trying to solve.


Content is King (or Queen)

Google crawls and indexes the web absed on content, the words matter – we teach you how to teach Google What you are!

Remember, You are the answer to a question, and Google is the interpreter – its job, is to listen to the question, look through its index, and present the answer. 

Does Google Understand

Search Labs will build a dashboard, and present to you, how your site is performing, we provide data that lets you see which ‘search queries’ were presented to Google, and then which page Google presented as the answer. We teach you how to shape Google’s understanding, and get the right answer (Your Site) served to your potential customer or client.

  • Search Labs is happy to educate, and in saying that we provide live training and advice. Our customers will double, tripple even 10x their impressions – we then help them to turn those impressions into clicks.
  • Our methods work, our clients are some of the largest monsters in Australia, they don’t have time to lose. We test on our sites, and we implements what works on yours.
  • Search Labs will advise on the content that is getting clicks, we teach you how to build a funnel to catch thsoe that don’t even know they have a problem, so that when they realise, your solution is still fresh in their mind.


Our Organic Search Process

We are not secretive about how we do things, most agencies won’t go to the lengths we will, effort is hard, and that is why most agencies won’t even try to match us.

Organic traffic has the highest conversion rate, because Google is providing the answer to a question, not serving an ad.


Of Online Searches Start with a Search Engine


Consumers do Online Research While In Store


Ecommerce Traffic comes from Paid Search

70% to 80% of searchers ignore paid ads, and focus only on Organic Listings

Do you have a hunger to win, and an obsession to crush your competition into paste?

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Our Organic SEO services range from under $1,000 to over $35000 per month depending on the scope and duration of work.

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What our Melbourne SEO clients have to say about us…

Jake and Ev, went above and beyond their scope. They identified the causes of the issues we were having and provided clear guidance and assistance to remedy the problem. They took a very practical approach considering both our time and budget. It was a pleasure to work with them and I am very grateful for their guidance in avoiding what could have been a minor disaster.

Vick Pillay

MD & Co-Founder, MindTribes Pty Ltd

Jake and Ev have a really good handle on SEO and I would highly recommend working with them for support in optimising and improving your presence in search engines.

Steve de Niese

Founding Director, Assemblo

We hired Search Labs to do an SEO audit, a keyword analysis, and some general consulting for us.

After implementing their recommendations, our search volume and traffic quickly more than doubled, and it has continued to surge upward pretty consistently over the past six months. I think our lowest day now is higher than the best day we’d ever had before hiring them.

On top of being professionals who really know what they are doing, they’re great people to work with. You can tell that they have a real passion for solving SEO puzzles, and it shows in their results.

If you can work with people who will do an awesome job AND really enjoy giving your business a boost, why would you hire anyone else?

Adam Weiss

Founder/Head Video Producer,

Questions well meaning professionals have asked us:

What is SEO, is it really so important?

The easiest way to process this is that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is any activity that makes it easier for a search engine (Google) to read, process and index the content on your page – think of the search engine (Google) as the interpreter, or the librarian. You ask it a question, it thinks about it, it then looks through its index for the answer. SEO makes that whole process easier, for your site, and for Google. In addition to this, we help you to find the question that is most often asked, we then also help you to craft your answer, so that it is the preferred answer that Google wants to serve.  

How many search engines do we need to worry about?

The main search engine we care about is Google, based on a balance or probabilities it is most likely that a searcher is using Google to answer their question, so we optimise predominantly for Google – Given that though, the reason that most people like Google best, is that they have by far the most advanced search index – they answer the question asked better than any other engine. We optimise well for Google, and this means that you will most likely also rank well in Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and Yandex and DuckDuckGo. 

What is the World Wide Web

Back in 1989 Tim Berners-Lee created an information system that connected servers using specifically formatted documents – he allowed for these documents to be connected to each other via the Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP – and those pages could be located using a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) – this became the World Wide Web (www) 

What is Crawling?

Web crawling – or simply Crawling is a process performed by search engines or spiders (spiders are the bots that crawl the web) they trawl through web pages and looks for relevant words, terms, media and links to other resources. Googlebot is Google’s spider, and it looks for relevance of content on a given page as well as relevance of the anchor text used in links, when compared to the landing page (or so we think – Google doesn’t really tell)

What is indexing?

After a page has been crawled by spiders/bots the information that was gathered is processed by a bunch of algorithms and ‘indicators’ (over 200 from Google that we know of) the page is  stacked in an index (based on its relevance) – to the related keyword. 

So, a given page may exist in hundreds of indexes, and rank in a different position for each keyword. The higher up the index it appears the more relevant it is to a query that is related to a given keyword. (we think)

What is the difference between a keyword and a query

This is the best question. A keyword is the part of a search query that acts as a key – for the search engine to find the answer. A keyword can serve many different queries, so ‘shoe’ may be the keyword that serves as the key to all these search queries ‘best shoe’ ‘blue suade shoes’ ‘shoelaces are broken’ and even associated terms like ‘what are sandles’ or ‘my boots are leaking’.

Google is getting better at determining what you ‘mean’ though, so ‘sandlewood’ may not be triggered by the search query ‘what are open toed shoes called’ but ‘sandle’ might.

If you want to gain organic traffic, then SEO is your best option.

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