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What is a SEO Spider

A spider is an automated program used by search engines to index websites for use A search bot is a program that scours the internet for keywords related to your business and then displays them on your website. These robots can be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. They crawl […]
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Let's talk about long tail keywords

Why do we need long tail keywords? Most long-tail keywords have three to five individual words.To reach a specific subset of the keyword population, use these longer keywords rather than shorter terms, that are by definition aimed at a much broader market. Think, blue suede shoes, vs shoe. Sure the search volume for 'shoe' is […]
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YouTube SEO guide: How To Rank Your Videos In 2023

YoutTube SEO, is it worth doing in 2023? YouTube SEO is a strategy that allows you to always rank high on search engines for YouTube videos, including your YouTube channel and it's content features. The YouTube search engine use advanced tracking and analysis algorithms to place specific videos in the top positions on the YouTube […]
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SEO Analysis

What is SEO Analysis? What is an SEO Platform? An SEO platform is a tool used by enterprise SEO agencies, as well as digital marketing agencies to manage all aspects of a digital marketing strategy. An effective SEO platform helps marketers make decisions about what to do next based on data collected from their sites. […]
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This is SearchLabs

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