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SearchLabs SEO - Find the truth, find the Bright Edge of a Dark SEO Cloud

The only SEO solution that provides marketers and SEOs with real-time research, recommendations, consultation, aggressive ranking tactics and strategy – everything an SEO needs to win!
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The customer journey has changed, so have we. That's why, in the age of self-service, engaging with customers across every touch-point matters!
The SearchLabs Solution unlocks the intent behind search queries by exposing the competitors for each content topic, providing guidance to help you create and optimize content and monitor its performance.

Research, learn, improve, compete, control.


Find the queries that lead to your products or content - Our search lab results will help tune you search engine optimization strategy for them before your competitors figure it out.


Create the content that effectively explains what you sell or, or the problem you solve. You don't always need a podcast to talk to your customers or initiate natural link building across the internet.


Search Engines don't explain how they work. But our search labs correlate what ranks and explain how it is weighted.
We aim to own the whole country - our customers own more than just the search engine rankings for their  niche. Our search laboratory is nation wide. Correlation based SEO is our game, effective resources are correlated with online resources that are already ranking in the top spots.


We aim to own the whole country - our customers own more than just their niche. Enterprise SEO aims to own an entire industry. Our search laboratory is nation wide.


We are happy to teach you how to tell if your buyers are searching on their home computer or on their mobile as well as the queries being used, are you getting the clicks from long tail keywords or from header terms?


Mark TraphagenMark Traphagen form SEO Clarity once said - "In SEO, authority refers to the importance or weight given to a page relative to a given search query". Modern search engines such as Google use may factors (or signals) when evaluating the authority of a web page. Google wants to bring to the top the ones that are most likely to satisfy the user with accurate, reliable information that fully answers the intent of the query.
Competitive keywords are not always the ones that result in conversions, they may be irrelevant to the buyer, but high in search volume.


In terms of relevance from an SEO perspective, in all reality, the content that your site offers must be relevant to the query submitted, this is the search engines job, determining the relevance of a response. If it get's this step right then you are more likely to use this search engine for future searches, which in turn will aglow the search engine to better position yourself as the Relevant Authority within this space. Your business goals will need to align with the buyers intent, this gives you the online presence required to win over potential customers.

Experience the brightedge of aggressive SEO

I do not seek to learn from an amateur, I want advice from a professional with relevant experience in the field. Search Labs aims to provide you with the structure and terminology to make this a reality. Once you know which flags to fly, and which boxes to tick, then we can show the search engine that you are the most experienced provider of a given service or product, and your advice is relevant authoritative advice. This is how you win at the SEO game.

Explore how digital marketers at brands like Origin Energy and AGL Blog are leveraging SearchLabs to find the brightedge of their gloomy digital marketing, advertising & search campaigns.

Learn how executives, digital marketers and their SEO's use our labs to find competitive market opportunities. Learn how brands evaluate and implement our aggressive SEO framework for successful content marketing.

Explore how digital marketers at brands like Origin Energy and AGL Blog are leveraging SearchLabs to find the brightedge of their gloomy digital marketing, advertising & search campaigns.

seo analysis of keywords

Why are your competitors trying to rank for this keyword?
How often is this query searched for per month? A keyword analysis from our labs will be used to select search terms that will help you rank your content effectively on the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can conduct a full or partial analysis which looks at the total number of monthly searches, the value of a query or the competitive nature of these monthly search volumes. If you are keen to learn more about which tools are used by professional SEO consultants, I recommend looking into the Gartner toolset alternatives report Our labs make use of a few.

seo competitor analysis

A SEO competitor analysis is the act of evaluating the SEO competitiveness of your industry, checking out the competition and using our search labs to analyze all the data that we uncover to improve your own website's rankings and using competitive analysis to reverse engineer the effectiveness of their content marketing strategy. Ask us what your competitors are selling, which keywords they rank for, who is linking to them and why they are linking to them, we do a full breakdown and tell you which terms, are getting people to their pages, and which pages would cost the most to market via Paid Ads - sometimes we go as far as listing out the flightpath a searcher takes in order to find the best rout to a purchase.

seo analysis of a page

On-page SEO analysis involves auditing individual page attributes in comparison to the rest of the website, and in reality the other 99 listings in the top 10 pages to determine how they are performing on search engines, and then optimizing them to improve performance and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). We make heavy use of correlation based SEO to determine which ranking factors have a weighting within this niche, and for a specific set of keywords. Ranking factors do not all have equal weighting in the search algorithm, our SearchLabs correlation analysis will show which factors are specifically important to your niche.

seo analysis of a website

Analysis of a website for search engine optimization's(SEO) is the process of auditing a website through our search labs to identify ways to improve it's ranking in search engine results. We have said this over and over again, because it really boils down to just that - 'make it easy for the search engine to figure out where it should put your content, so that it can easily find it when someone is looking for it'.
In addition to improving search engine results placement (SERP), a related objective is to increase organic traffic from these search results.

If you want to be more aggressive and see beyond the brightedge of the SEO cloud - then Search Labs will show you the way.

Enterprise SEO

SEO for All Business Sizes

SEO for All Business Sizes, on a daily basis, as an aggressive organic digital marketing agency we are trawling through product reviews and implementing automation tools to help clients with content creation - deep diving through Google Analytics and Google Search Console using advanced search strings to surface core search concepts for our clients.  
Like you, I am so tired of companies pushing their way between you and your customer. We push back.
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This is SearchLabs

SearchLabs is the leading solution for generating more organic traffic for small and medium businesses all the way up to enterprise organizations and government agencies and organizations. With our Smarter Edge SEO solutions, you can beat the dull side of SEO and get in front of more customers helping them find the bright edge of Organic Search - We make sure that your product descriptions highlight key product features and help your search rank highly.
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