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If Google Loves You, It will recommend you as the answer
If Google cant figure out what you are, Then it wont

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Online visibility on desktop and on mobile searches are critical to a business’s success. Our SEO service provides comprehensive and professional interpretations of search engine algorithms to help your website rank better in the search engines.

For instance, we use a variety of techniques such as:

  • keyword research
  • on site optimization
  • link building
  • social media marketing

to help your website rank higher and generate more traffic.

Saying that though, these numbers are inconstant flux, google and other search engines may value traffic more than content, but for you, it may seem that on site optimization is the king of the hill.


On Site Optimization



When we chat, I will tell you how I would do it, I will even send a 'to-do list' afterwards.

What kind of SEO direction do you need?

Does my search history affect SEO?

The answer to this question is yes. The more relevant our content is to the search, the higher it will rank in search engine results pages.

When a user searches for a query on Google, their search results are determined by the content of our website. This means that if you have well-written and informative content that aligns with the type of queries or sites they have visited, you’ll rank higher in Google’s SERPs. Having a high ranking on Google means that more people will see your site which leads to a higher conversion rate for your business.

Review the leaderboard

Surely your have competitors, both real and virtual ones in the search engines. If you don’t then you don’t need us to help with your search engine rankings.

We find out who they are and reverse engineer their sites, and processes, the words they use to describe their offering – and we look to see if they are a source of high quality content.

Do you offer the same thing? If you do, then we see what we can do, to become more relevant than they are using the core backbone of search engine optimization.



Can Google get to the content on your site?

This part is actually the hardest. If the user experience is crap, then why would Google want to recommend you –  we see this as a pretty massive ranking factor (if not a primary one, it looks like it has some pretty strong weighting when aiming for more organic traffic)– their whole game is built around offering a superior customer experience.

We will crawl and feed the data through tools that replicate the way Google sees your site. We make recommendations using state of the art SEO tools on what to fix in order to increase your organic search traffic. Fix those things or the search rankings just wont come.

Traffic - Traffic justifies your place in the world

We will help you to find the words that people use to describe the thing they want. Then we will help you create content that satisfies that need, or that want for both the searcher and using search engine optimization techniques doing the same for Google and similar engines. We will walk you through a proven content creation process. These things are not new, they just aren’t easy. People want ‘easy’ – which is why the web is so full of rubbish. We clean that right up – Google loves what we do, this is a long term functional SEO strategy.

Set up a ring of support for your content

Create the perfect storm by integrating all of the platforms: integrate Facebook into your site, integrate Google into your site, integrate YouTube, integrate Reddit, integrate them all – our aim is to make use of as many major search engines as possible. There are very few one-hit wonders in the world of internet shopping. When was the last time you took out your wallet and tossed all of your cards on the floor in search of your credit card? It doesn’t function that way; we have to look around and use a range of relevant content pieces and a variety of contact points to get the task done. If any of this is confusing to you, arrange a consultation. I’ll explain in more detail later.