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SEO Strategy for 2020

We have an easy to follow, and easy to manage plan and process

This is Strategy, not the tactical implementation – think – long game.

Lets have a chat about ‘organic search’ and SEO.

So, you want to:

  • appear more often in organic search
  • and understand why
  • and then do more of that thing,

Then I guess you have found me. If you would be so kind as to leave your name, email address and a phone number – I will send you a text, introduce myself and arrange a time to chat – I am not pushy. Let’s just chat it out.

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Organic Search takes time – its not instant like paid marketing

  • We look at what Google wants
  • We then change your content
  • We then teach Google
  • Google figures it out
  • Google recommends you!

Get info from the source of truth

These are the industry standard – not only are they the standard, they are the industry – the problem in the past has been that you need a team to break it all down for you, leaving you in the dark – we now give you that info in an easy to use dashboard -tied into the source.


  1. Free Usage after installation
  2. Automated data collection
  3. User Data Reporting
  4. User Demographics
  5. Platform Data
  6. Content Data
  7. Goal Objectives
  8. The source of Truth when it comes to your own site visitors

Data Studio

  1. Free Usage after installation
  2. Provides queries you ranking for
  3. Provides data advising ‘What does Google thinks you are’
  4. Advises Which pages get clicks
  5. Advises Which pages get impressions
  6. Provides Messages and Manual Action notifications from Google

Tag Manager

  1. Can speed up page load time
  2. Works with non Google products
  3. Excellent for testing products without changing site code
  4. Put 3rd party code in one place
  5. Debug Mode
  6. Allows you to add and remove code without having to repeatedly access your site

Site Kit

  1. Easily understand stats directly on your WordPress dashboard
  2. Official stats from multiple Google tools
  3. Quick setup for multiple Google tools without having to edit the source code of your site
  4. Metrics for your entire site
  5. Easy-to-manage, granular permissions across WordPress and different Google products

Data Studio

  1. Customisable 
  2. Multiple Data Sources
  3. Dynamic and Transformable
  4. Pulls data from the ‘source of truth’
  5. Client can see live data
  6. Real time filtering


  1. Google’s own ‘Split testing’ platform
  2. Make small changes to one variant of a page
  3. See which variant works best
  4. Constantly Optimise your site
  5. Make the most relevant option the default option
  6. Free Google Tools for small business 

Do you want your business to show up first?

Are you interested in having your business show up prominently in local search results, displaying your address and phone number prominently?  Would you like a map that viewers can use to find directions to your business?

Increase Visitors to Increase Sales

Would an increase in your sales, your following, your advertising revenue, or your donations interest you? Would having more visitors interested in what you offer and visiting your pages of their own volition help your business grow?

You should be easy to find in Google and other search engines

Would you like your site to be found easier in search engines?

Especially when the searcher uses the terms that describe what you have to offer?

What are SEO recommendations?
  1. Optimise your site for speed – when waiting for a lift – do you skip the first one that arrives?
  2.  Write for humans, and let the algorithm figure it out – Google just released BERT all of a suddent the order of the words on page – matters.
  3.  Set up GSC, GA and GTM – so that you can track performance and change things if required.
  4.  Inner link relevant content where you can, help the person find the thing.
  5. Try to create content that is both broad and deep – cover all aspects of your topic, and with time make the coverage granular. A 9 year old should be able to use your content to write a report.
  6. Make sure your content is easy to read – we aim to write the kind of content a soldier could understand whilst under fire on the battlefield – or a person that needs to stop and look both ways before crossing the road – can they come back and keep reading?
How do you do competitor research?

This is some of it – some of it is secret.

We usually work with local clients, so that we can grab a coffee and figure out who your competitors are, both online and in real life – we then look at where their traffic comes from, which ‘terms’ they use to describe their content and what their pages look like. With your help we build out a strategy to rank for the terms people use to find them – these are called ‘queries’ in the Google space.

Is keyword research something worth looking into?

Following the Competitor research, we reverse engineer their sites and find the ‘keywords’ that bring them traffic – are these words relevant to your potential customers? They probably are, some are likely branded (not much we can do about those) but the others… we will help you build a strategy to increase your rankings for these ‘cash’ terms.

Data Studio - What does it do, and do I need it?

Data Studio is a tool that Google provides. It is exactly how it sounds, it’s a place where data is veiwed. We tie your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data into Data Studio.

We then build a report(s) that allows you to see in real time (Ok, there is a 2 day delay for GSC data) which terms led searchers to your site, how often your site was presented and how often they clicked on the link, with time we can also display demographic data and how they interacted with the content on your site – transparent data from the source that is easily understood.

Link Building Strategies - do SEO's still do this?

We will explain how we would do this, but we normally wouldn’t – Link building can very quickly go from White Hat, to grey and then Black – so we would rather leave it up to our clients. We do put the content out there though, in all the places that links are offered.

How do you feel about re-targeting?

If you become a retainer client, then we will help you set this up. We will assist in setting up Google Tag Manager as well as re targeting pixels, this way once someone has come to your site they will start seeing your advertising.

YAY another contact form at the bottom – Did you learn anything new?

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