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Keyword Research is the second step

If you want a greater ROI you need to invest in solving a problem

Focus your limited marketing resources on material that will have the most influence on the authority of your brand and the profitability of your website.
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Given the way search engines present listings these days with personalized ads, and featured snippets displayed above organic web listings - we refer to these as a customized SERP - One where you are personally presented with information that is relevant to you. Your website’s SEO keyword target list needs to be updated on a regular basis - as the market moves, so do the terms you aim for.

We can build a comprehensive list concentrating on keywords with the most conversion potential.

A conversion is whatever action you dictate it to be, but in our case - we prefer calls, or sales.

Searchlabs provides for a comprehensive solution whether you are creating an initial set of SEO keyword lists, tuning that list for conversion, then tuning your landing pages and sales pipelines for high value.
SEO Rank Tracking

Keyword Rank Tracking for SEO

We need to find out what you rank for, what your competitors rank for, and then spot the gap. There will be words that they rank for that have no value to you, or you don't have content that is relevant. But we will surface these, and on an ongoing basis refresh the list. The aim of the game is to see the whole game. We only serve 1 client in a given niche location. If you are the dentist in Texas, then we won't serve another dentist in Texas.

Derive insights by reviewing reporting

Now we filter down, we break these keywords into chunks and create clusters of terms. At this point we are not committed to anything - we want to selectively identify the high volume terms and split them off from the high value ones. We can create our own unique KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index) score. This may be based on the cost per click, or the difficulty, or the capacity to convert, we will walk you through the options and help you choose the thing you want most.

Analyze and reverse engineer ranking pages

You see where this is going? We now look at what the searcher expects to find when they see your listing. Why remake the wheel - if someone else has already done the heavy lifting then let's ride that wave to click town. According to research done by BrightEdge [1] Listings that display above the fold (user doesn't need to scroll down) get 69% more clicks than those that aren't.

Selectively target keywords and pages that are most aligned with solving the problem.

'Pain Point SEO' [2] is a 'style' of SEO coined by growandconvert.com - what it boils down to, is that the conversion happens when the content speaks to, and addresses the pain point. These pain points tend to be lower competition, but also lower search volume however the lack of volume is more than made up for by the terms conversion rate.

Above the fold get 69% more clicks

As mentioned above [1] if your organic listing isn't above the fold, or none of the organic listings are above the fold then PPC may be the only way to claim that real estate. We will show you how to pick the terms, how to negotiate their placement with your paid marketing department and even help craft some 'sick ad copy'.
[1] https://www.brightedge.com/solutions/keyword-research-prioritization
[2] https://www.growandconvert.com/content-marketing/seo-content-conversions/

This is SearchLabs

SearchLabs is the leading solution for generating more organic traffic for small and medium businesses all the way up to enterprise organizations and government agencies and organizations. With our Smarter Edge SEO solutions, you can beat the dull side of SEO and get in front of more customers helping them find the bright edge of Organic Search - We make sure that your product descriptions highlight key product features and help your search rank highly.
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