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A new way to tell your story in data

Data Studio is Google’s free data visualization and reporting tool. It’s an easy-to-use UI that lets you connect to a variety of data sources and quickly create highly configurable charts and tables that tell compelling stories about your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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what does Google Data Studio Do?

This is a free Google tool that helps you to create reports, visualizations, and dashboards. It helps in telling your data stories.

You can use this tool to create beautiful reports for various purposes including marketing, sales, and finance.

Google Data Studio lets you explore your data with charts and graphs from different sources that are relevant to the report or dashboard. This tool automatically updates the data on the charts with new information as it becomes available if the data source has a connector to your Data Studio Dashboard.

What is the difference between Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Google Data Studio is a free tool that is meant for data visualization. Tableau is also a data visualization tool but has more analytics features.

Google Data Studio and Tableau are two different tools for data visualization. Google Data Studio is an all-in-one solution with multiple types of visualizations available and the ability to publish reports on the web. Tableau, on the other hand, only provides charts and graphs but has more analytical features than Google Data Studio like forecasting, predictions, and statistical analysis – however you only pay for Data Studio to be built for you, unless you build it yourself whereas Tableau is not a free tool.

Does Google Data Studio integrate with other Google Tools?

Data Studio is a free data visualization tool for Google Analytics. It provides a way for people to create dashboards, charts and reports that can be shared with others.

The answer is yes, Data Studio does have an integration to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other Google tools. It even has integration with Google Sheets. Users can export the data from Data Studio and import it into Google Sheets if they want to analyze the information in more depth or share it with an analytics team.

Can Data Studio help with SEO?

Google Data Studio can help with SEO if it is used in the right way. One way to use Google Data Studio is to create dashboards that monitor your website’s performance, identify where you should be making changes, and report on what you have done to improve your SEO.

Data from Google Analytics can be used to create a number of reports with charts which can then be monitored and changed over time. However this does take some time and effort on behalf of the person working with the data.

For example, one way that Google Data Studio could help with SEO is through generating a report that shows how long it takes for all of your pages to load. From there, you can change the loading speed of specific pages or even your entire site accordingly. Or through showing which keywords or queries are getting impressions but not clicks, this could be indicative that your page title or meta description could do with an update to better match the query submitted into Google by the searcher.

Searchlabs is a Search Engine Optimization Company that specialises in assisting businesses in harnessing the power of data.

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Save time with easy setup

Collaborate with ease
Share your insights and collaborate with others with shared folders. You can also use public datasets to get started quickly.

Connecting to a variety of data sources is easy and setting up charts is intuitive. No programming skills are needed to get started!

Beautiful visualizations, right out of the box

Visualize your data through charts, sparklines, maps, tables, and more. You can choose from a gallery of out-of-the-box visualizations for quick configuration or create a custom visualization using advanced features like scripting language like JavaScript without any code required. And you can customize each visualization to suit your needs with simple controls for colors, labels, titles, sizes, styles, and more.

A new way to collaborate on dashboards with your team or the world

Share reports securely with access controls that let you share dashboards with others—whether they’re in your organization or not—and track their edits as collaborators. Share live reports on the

Reporting that does more

Create highly customizable charts and tables to tell your story in data. You can connect to a variety of data sources such as Google Analytics and Salesforce.