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Split test your site with Google Optimize.

This is a test, one of these 2 does better than the other – which 2? These 2!

Run 2 versions of a landing page – just slightly different and see which does better.

After a while the winner becomes the ‘control’ – and we test another page.

15 + 2 =

Remember, people come to your website with their eyes, the same way they would visit your store, or your office in real-life 

Use Optimize to build landing pages that are engaging and delightful, every page has a purpose, but the best pages serve their purpose. Use Optimize to find that purpose and serve it better than your competitors.

Create a bespoke experience

People love a delightful experience, when your content just seems to match what they want. With Optimize you can create a bespoke experience for each ‘type’ of searcher.  

Let your visitors create the data that guides you to create a better website

Optimize ties into Google Analytics, it lets you understand you visitors, and it lets you create an experience that suits the searcher – drive a more rewarding experience.

Test different versions of pages

Once we have Optimize set up, and its humming – then you can easily set up and run tests on your website – this way you can learn what works best for your visitors, These include:

  • A/B Tests
  • Redirect Tests
  • Multivariate Tests

Running tests allows you to optimize your spend.

After a while the winner becomes the ‘control’ – and we test another page.

5 + 13 =